Export your AOL Desktop Gold Data to Another Computer

There can be accidents anytime where the data on your computer may get lost. Also, there are a number of times when you may require more space on your device for which you may have to empty your computer data a bit. The best way is to export the data from one device to another or even from one computer to another.

AOL Desktop Gold comes with a proper plan of getting a backup of all the data on your device. The data file with various details such as emails, toolbars, settings, and many other can be easily exported to some other computer.

The process is quite simple and you can get the exporting done by following just a few of the important steps that are well-mentioned here.

Step 1:

First you need to sign in to your account in AOL Desktop Gold.

Step 2:

As you enter your account, you need to select the icon of Settings.

Step 3:

In the settings, you will find My Data, on which you need to click.

Step 4:

Now, you need to click on the Export option.

Step 5:

As you select the export option, you will be allowed to select a location where you wish to save the data as backup. If somehow you do not select an appropriate location for the data to be saved, the system will select My Documents of your computer as the default location where the data will get saved in a newly created folder with the name of AOL Desktop Backup.

Step 6:

The system also offers you the option to keep a password for the file that you are exporting. If it is a data that you need to keep secure and do not want others to have a peep at, you can set password to the file while you are important it to another computer.

Step 7:

As you select the location and the exporting of the data starts, a window will pop up on the screen to show the progress. Also, a notification will pop up when the export is done.

Step 8:

When the export is done, you can make use of a USB drive to get this data from the host computer.

Step 9:

Now, sign in to your AOL Desktop Gold account from the account where you have exported the data.

Step 10:

Here, again visit the Setting option and click on the tab My Data.

Step 11:

Click on the option Import and you will be asked to select a source of the data that is the export file you have in USB Drive.

Step 12:

If you have set a password, you need to provide the password and the import of data will start. You will be notified once the import is completed.