How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Error 104?

The AOL service is know by now for its amazing features and varied facilities for the users. The updated version AOL Desktop Gold is even better with its updated features such as enhanced security and better user experience.

Though the steps involved in installing the system as well as getting an update of the system is quite easy and convenient, there are a number of times when the users may find some sort of difficulty. Having AOL Desktop Gold Error 104 is one of them that the users might face while they are installing or updating the software.

The users can easily get in touch with the AOL customer support team but there are also a number of ways how the user can get a solution for it.

The Reasons to Get Error 104

Before trying to get a solution for AOL Desktop Gold Error 104, it is always a great idea to understand the reason of its occurrence. Actually, knowing the reason of the problem helps the user in getting the solution much easily.

Here are some of the common reasons that may lead to the AOL Desktop Gold Error 104.

• The user might get an error if a corrupted file has been downloaded on the desktop.
• This can also happen if the Windows system of the desktop is corrupted.
• Such an error happens to take place also due to the presence of malware in the PC.
• Also, if the download of AOL Desktop Gold is not complete, then also the users can get such an error of 104.

When you are aware of the reasons, it can be much easier on your part to get a solution for the error.

Solution to the Error 104

If you are getting AOL Desktop Gold Error 104, here are some of the common ways that can be helpful in resolving the issue.

• The error can happen due to a malware and hence, get a proper antivirus and restart the computer. Also, if you already have an antivirus running on your PC, update it and then restart the computer.

• One of the major reasons for getting such an error is due to incomplete download of the software. Hence, one of the helpful tips is to remove the file from the ‘downloads’ file of the computer and then download it once again and then try to install it.

• There can be some other technical issues for the error to come up. Hence, another tip that can work is to uninstall the software and install it back once again from the very beginning. Always, get the AOL Desktop Gold file downloaded from the official website of AOL so that you do not have to face the trouble of getting corrupted file.

These easy solutions are very much helpful in getting a solution for the issue of AOL Desktop Gold Error 104. Even if still, the problem is not resolved, the users can always get in touch with the customer support team and the experts at AOL can help you in getting the right solution.