Safety and Security Features Available with AOL Desktop Gold

The security feature of AOL Desktop Gold is designed in such a way that it offers a much enhanced security for different activities that you perform such as running emails, browsing the web, or many others. The software offers you with various security features such as alerting you when you visit an insecure site or hiding your secured data when you are typing them.

Features at a Glance

Three most important security features of the AOL Desktop Gold are mentioned here.

• Anti-Keylogging Feature:

The key-logging features helps in hiding the data fed by you in the system such as your password so that you the online criminals do not catch up with your secure information. It depends upon you whether you wish to keep this security feature enabled or wish to keep it disabled.

• Security from Suspicious Websites:

Phishing has become quite common today and one of the most common ways is by attracting the viewers in malicious sites or pages. The security feature of AOL will alert you whenever you visit such as page of site that is fraudulent. Most of these malicious websites are even blocked for the users of AOL Desktop Gold so that you do not even have to enter into such a place and get your privacy and data into any kind of risk. There can be other sites or pages that are not surely to be malicious. In such a case, the software offers you an alert so that you can have a check before you proceed with the website.

• Capturing of Screenshot

There are a number of times when different malicious software may take screenshot of your details to invade your privacy. The software AOL Desktop Gold also offers the security feature as per which such software options are not able to take the screenshot of your information. Again, you can enable or disable this feature of the software depending upon your requirement.

How to Manage the Security Feature?

You can enable or can also disable the security feature of AOL Desktop Gold depending upon your requirement. To do so, you just need to visit the Settings option that is present in the toolbar. Here, you have to select the option of Premium Security tab where you can on or off the security option by selecting or deselecting the box provided.

Keeping a proper security has become quite important today to stay away from getting trapped in fraudulence. AOL Desktop Gold offers the perfect security features that is perfect for your safety.

AOL Desktop Gold Installation Failed

AOL has come up recently with the new AOL Desktop Gold that is much faster and safer now to offer the users with a load of features such as emails, browsing, messaging, games, and many more at one single point. The users can come across different options depending upon the membership and the subscription plans that they are availing.

Though downloading the system and installing in on your desktop is not a difficult task, a number of people may still need the help in the process. There may be a number of times when the users may face installation failure due to a number of reasons. Such issues can be handled if the proper procedure of followed. Of course, for any kind of further help, the customer support team of AOL is always there.

Installing AOL Desktop Gold

The very first step is to get the AOL Desktop Gold installation system downloaded from the website of AOL. After getting the download, you need to follow these simple steps to get the installation completed on your desktop.

• Search the file icon “Install AOL Desktop” in the Downloads folder of the desktop.
• Right click on this file to run it.
• Now you have to click on the option of ‘Install Now’ and the installation will soon start and will be completed.

Troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold Installation Failed Situation

The installation steps for AOL Desktop Gold are quite simple and easy to go. But still if there are some issues in getting the installation done, it can be due to a network issue or even at times a technical error. Here are some of the ways how it can be resolved.

System Requirements

It is important to have the proper system requirements in order to get the system installed and start working on it. You should have

• 1 GB RAM
• Screen resolution of 1024×768
• 266 MHz processor
• Windows 7 or above

Apart from these above-mentioned requirements, you should also have a stable internet connection for the download.

Reboot and Reinstall

There are a number of times when the RAM of the computer may get burdened due to a number of unnecessary files such as Cache. Due to this, the installation of the system may get difficult. Hence, one of the ways is to reboot the desktop so that the burden on RAM can be lightened and the speed of the computer can be boosted up. Reinstalling the system after rebooting the desktop can help in a number of times.

Internet Connection

Another problem that often happens to disrupt the installation process is the unstable nature of the internet connection. You can have to talk to the internet service provider to check upon the plan and the speed that you are facilitated with.

If you have tried upon all of the above-mentioned methods and still there is a problem that is causing a trouble in installation of the system, you can definitely get in touch with the customer support team of AOL. The customer support is available 24/7 and can be contacted through call at Toll Free Number +1-888-885-0064 ( US/Canada ), chat, and email to get a solution.

How to Easily Download, Install or Upgrade AOL Desktop Gold?

With the latest update of AOL, the number of people getting the system has increased. AOL Desktop Gold has come up with a wide range of beneficial options for the users such as many activities such as browsing, emailing, gaming, and many others at one single place. Also, the new update has increased the security system so that the users can make use of the system without much of trouble in terms of security risk.

Not just the system is convenient to be used but also it is easy to get installed. Here are some necessary details that can help the users to download and install the AOL Desktop Gold.

Requirements for the Download

Before you download the system, it is important to know whether your desktop has a number of technical features or not. You will need these important requirements to complete the download of AOL Desktop Gold.

• The operating system of the device should be of Windows 7 or higher and Mac X or higher.
• The computer should have a processor that has a speed higher than 266 MHz.
• The screen resolution of the computer should be of higher than 1024 X 768.
• The device should have a RAM of 1 GB and should have free disk space of 512 MB.
• You also need a stable internet connection to complete the download.

Downloading and Installing AOL Desktop Gold

The downloading and the installing of the AOL Desktop Gold is quite easy and can be done together.

• Visit the official website of AOL and create your new account in it.
• Now login to your account and here you need to get a membership depending upon your budget.
• Now you can go to the service of AOL email and log into it.
• In the emailing service, you will get an email with the name “Start with AOL Desktop Gold”.
• Just open the email and you will find a link in it that you need to use to download AOL Desktop Gold.
• When the download is over, you need to visit the Downloads Folder of your computer and find the downloaded file.
• Right click on the downloaded file to run the set up for installation process.
• Follow the instructions provided after you have run the set up to complete the installation.
• You may get a further notification on the desktop to make changes. You need to say yes to it.
• Now, restart your computer before starting to use the system.

Getting an Upgrade of AOL Desktop Gold

If you are already an AOL member, you can get an upgrade of the AOL Desktop Gold.

• Log in to the AOL site with your account details.
• Go to the benefit section of AOL.
• You will find the option of AOL Desktop Gold here.
• Click on the download option to get the new upgrade.
• Now when the download is done, you need to complete the installation in the same way how it is mentioned in the installation section above.