How to Fix AOL Gold Freezes or Not Responding?

Like many other technologies and software systems, AOL may also encounter some errors at times. But the good news is that there is a solution for all the issues that takes place with the system. One of the problems that some of the users may encounter is that of the system getting frozen.

AOL offers you a load of features and facilities such as the email service, browsing through the internet, gaming, watching videos, and many others. At times, while enjoying these features, the system may freeze. But you do not have to worry much as you can easily resolve the situation but following the right steps about it.

How to Fix When AOL Gold Freezes?

If you feel that the AOL Gold system is not responding or it has got frozen, you can follow these steps to get the problem resolved at the earliest.

• Step 1:

The very first step is to click on the icon of ‘Windows’ on your system that will open up the ‘Control Panel’ of the system.

• Step 2:

In the control panel, you need to search for the option of ‘Network and Internet’.

• Step 3:

As you get the option of ‘Network and Internet’, here you have to click on ‘View Network and Status’.

• Step 4:

Now click on the option of ‘Troubleshoot Problem’.

• Step 5:

After clicking on ‘Troubleshoot Problem’, you have to click on the option of ‘Network Adapter’.

• Step 6:

Now, you have to follow the instructions provided on the screen. Do not forget to save the changes that you are doing.

• Step 7:

After you have made the changes, now immediately restart your system after which you should open up AOL Gold again to see if it is working now or not.

While you are following these steps, it is very important that you have a stable internet connection.

Though the above steps are quite helpful in getting the problem resolved, if the problem still remains, you can always contact the support team of AOL Gold who can help you in getting the problem sorted at the earliest.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you do not wish such a problem to incur in your system, you should keep a number of things in mind.

• Restart your system on a regular basis so that the RAM gets cleared and there is enough space in the system for the software to run smoothly.

• Also, make sure that you have a habit of clearing cache files or any other junk files on a regular basis so that there is no issue of space in the system.

• AOL comes up with different updates from time to time. Make sure that you are using the latest version. Whenever a new update notification pops up, try to get it at the earliest.

• Whenever you update the software, check whether the device is compatible with the latest version or not.

Following these points religiously will always help the software to run smoothly so that you do not have to face the problem of AOL freezing when you are doing an important task.

Safety and Security Features Available with AOL Desktop Gold

The security feature of AOL Desktop Gold is designed in such a way that it offers a much enhanced security for different activities that you perform such as running emails, browsing the web, or many others. The software offers you with various security features such as alerting you when you visit an insecure site or hiding your secured data when you are typing them.

Features at a Glance

Three most important security features of the AOL Desktop Gold are mentioned here.

• Anti-Keylogging Feature:

The key-logging features helps in hiding the data fed by you in the system such as your password so that you the online criminals do not catch up with your secure information. It depends upon you whether you wish to keep this security feature enabled or wish to keep it disabled.

• Security from Suspicious Websites:

Phishing has become quite common today and one of the most common ways is by attracting the viewers in malicious sites or pages. The security feature of AOL will alert you whenever you visit such as page of site that is fraudulent. Most of these malicious websites are even blocked for the users of AOL Desktop Gold so that you do not even have to enter into such a place and get your privacy and data into any kind of risk. There can be other sites or pages that are not surely to be malicious. In such a case, the software offers you an alert so that you can have a check before you proceed with the website.

• Capturing of Screenshot

There are a number of times when different malicious software may take screenshot of your details to invade your privacy. The software AOL Desktop Gold also offers the security feature as per which such software options are not able to take the screenshot of your information. Again, you can enable or disable this feature of the software depending upon your requirement.

How to Manage the Security Feature?

You can enable or can also disable the security feature of AOL Desktop Gold depending upon your requirement. To do so, you just need to visit the Settings option that is present in the toolbar. Here, you have to select the option of Premium Security tab where you can on or off the security option by selecting or deselecting the box provided.

Keeping a proper security has become quite important today to stay away from getting trapped in fraudulence. AOL Desktop Gold offers the perfect security features that is perfect for your safety.

Benefits of AOL Desktop Gold Technical Support

AOL Desktop Gold not just offers a big list of features for the users but also offers a strong team of customer support to deal with the problems faced by the users. The users can easily visit the official site of AOL and can get indulged with an online chat with the support team. Also, the users can give a quick call on the contact number that has been provided in the email received regarding the ordering of the system.

One of the prime benefits of the AOL Desktop Gold technical support team is that it offers service for 24/7. Apart from this, there are also a number of ways how the technical team can be beneficial to the users.

Membership Activation

Though a number of users are able to follow the guidelines offered and complete the process of activation, there may be a number of users who may face some kind of difficulty in it. The customer support can be contacted instantly to seek help for the purpose of activation of the membership benefit.

AOL on Mobile

Though the AOL system is for the desktops, there are a number of users who prefer to use it on their mobile devices. This is the reason now AOL is also available in the form an application. There can be a number of people who may have trouble in getting the service on their mobile devices and here the customer support can be highly helpful.

Connectivity and Favorites

There can be a number of times when the unstable internet connection may lead to disruption in the connectivity of the AOL Desktop Gold system. The users can easily get in touch with the customer support team in order to deal with any kind of trouble related to connectivity or even favorites.

Mail Issues

A number of users may face trouble in mailing system such as missed emails, login issues, and others. There can be a number of factors for such issues such as internet connection, technical issues, and others. The customer support team is available 24 hours to help you in troubleshooting such issues that you can get back your smooth functioning of the emails once again.

Software Issues

Software issues can happen anytime when you are dealing with a technical system. This can be due to a wrong command that you may have put in or it can be technical fault too. Some of the common issues that may occur are installation, toolbar customization, and others. The customer support will help you in understanding the actual problem and will help you in dealing with you. Also, if you are not able to understand something, the team will always help you in getting the problem solved.

Apart from some of these common problems, even if you meet up some other sort of issues, the customer support team is always there to help you. You just need to get in touch with the team at Toll free number +1-888-885-0064 ( USA/CANADA ) and need to describe them the actual issue so that you can get a proper solution for the problem caused.