AOL Desktop Gold for Windows

AOL is an advanced desktop system that offers the users to make use of a number of features and facilities at one single point. The users can make use of the emailing feature, messaging feature, and browsers along with other side track features such as gaming. The user can send and receive emails, can manage contacts, and can do diverse activities at one platform and hence basically the system allows multi-tasking for the users.

Easy to Set Up

Noticing the diverse features of the system, it may seem something complicated, but it is not at all in real terms. The set up is quite convenient where the user just have to visit the official website of AOL and get the sign up done. There are different membership options that the user have to get based on which the user will be able to use the facilities taken.

Apart from the desktop version of the system, the users can also get the application version of the system on their smartphones. Getting the app on the smartphone is equally easy similar to the desktop version of the system.

Features and Benefits

The users can avail a wide range of features and benefits on getting the system on either desktop or smartphone.

• You can manage your emails and account contacts quite easily.
• You can browse through various sites and pages for different activities such as online transactions, social networking, and others.
• Also, users having the AOL application on their smartphones can manage their contacts well and can have a great experience at messaging.
• There is a separate section for gaming from where the users can select from a wide range of AOL games such as card games, board games, puzzles, and many others to play and enjoy.
• The users can get instant notifications about the latest news and other activities happening instantly on their apps.
• The latest update of AOL Desktop Gold is featured with new options such as enhanced security and speed, and automatic updates.

System Requirements

AOL Desktop Gold can be installed easily by the users if the users have these eminent requirements available in their system.

• The desktop should have an operating system of Windows 7 or higher.
• The system should have a processor of 266 MHz or higher speed.
• The screen resolution of the desktop should be of 1024×768.
• The desktop should have a RAM of 1 GB and hard disk space of 512 MB.
• The system should be supported by a stable internet connection.

The AOL Desktop Gold system can be conveniently installed on the Windows systems. The higher is the operating system update of Windows, the better experiences will the system offer to the users.

The system not just offers a multi-tasking option to the Windows users but also offers an experience that is convenient and enjoyable while working. Install the system now to see the difference that you can find while working on the new updated system of AOL Desktop Gold for Windows.